Steel Will (feat. Cavalier) (Pre Remix)

by Junk Science

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Sleep and awake like the same now
Not in such a way to complain about
More an interplay, swirl paint, a centerpiece
Some how it feel right, this lighting on my still life
And yet you’re moved, a red balloon
Trailing off, trailing off, if I lost ya
Just call out holy God, holy God
Flying saucers, gliding toward us
Borderline, I sorta mind
Pet peeve is being on the grind
While catching my R.E.M. sleep
Let the index hit escape and exit
Catch a few rays or spit a line segment
Syncopated time, wrinkle free
You a star, twinkle shine, break apart dust
Then it fades to dark, what? What?
So many questions, but solo perspectives
Is it a pale ale, or a steel will that drives an Injun?
As a man thinketh when he crafts flight plans
And has visions
Despite havin his hand in the grease pan and dishes

We can break all laws of gravity (repeat)

You never seen a sleeping bird on his own terms
Napping on the cold earth, wrapped in overgrown ferns
You’ll never know the secret joy of being unseen,
Unknown, captivated freely in his own dream
He is running, in his dream he is running
And it seems there is something
He can reach, he can touch it
But he can’t, he is nothing
He is sand, he is stuffing
One glance at his eyes and you are glancing at a button
But umm... nevertheless he runs
And as he runs he feels real
Branches rushing by brushed back with steel will
In his dream see he is faster
He is lightness, he is laughter
He can feel the tinge of weightlessness
And knows what’s coming after
It’s the first kiss of flight, feels different tonight
And his limbs lift him high
The way the wind shifts a kite
And as he glances down on the silence of the ground
He makes a solitary sound
And for the moment he is found like...
We can break all laws of gravity
Claws of apathy, jaws of tragedy
They reach and we deny
And each time you seem surprised
Just keep in mind it’s beautiful worm food
So you should feast your eyes



released May 16, 2011



all rights reserved


Modern Shark Brooklyn, New York


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